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Item Details: Item #6387067

Security Pack
License - 1 switch - for Rapier 16f, 16fi, 16fi/MT, 16fi/SC, 24, 24i, 48, 8/8, G6, G6f LX

Softmart Item #6387067

Mfg Part No: AT-RPSECPK-00
UNSPSC: 43233205


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This security pack includes Stateful Inspection Firewall, HTTP Proxy and SMTP Proxy for the Rapier family of products.Allied Telesis' state-of-the-art Stateful Inspection Firewall provides the highest level of security possible by providing full application-layer awareness without breaking the client/server model. Stateful Inspection extracts the state-related information required for security decisions from all application layers and maintains this information in dynamic state tables for evaluating subsequent connection attempts. It protects against a wide range of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks including Ping of Death, SYN/FIN flooding, Smurf attacks, port scans, fragment attacks and IP spoofing. E-mail alerts are automatically triggered when such attacks are detected. This provides a solution that is highly secure and offers maximum performance, scalability, and extensibility.SMTP Proxy inspects SMTP packets as they pass through the firewall. By accepting or rejecting packets based on source and destination address rules, abuse of e-mail servers is limited. Typical forms of e-mail abuse include receipt of unwanted advertisements, spam, and unauthorized forwarding of mail. HTTP proxy inspects and filters outbound HTTP sessions as they pass through the firewall. The Proxy can inspect URLs and restrict cookie activity.